After a long period of planning, the biggest milestone in bb-net history to date was created in the Schweinfurt Main Valley in 2018. The new company headquarters in Lisbon Street. On this page you can find out everything about the construction phase.


February 2017
15 March 2018
5. million €
3.200 m²
6.000 m²

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BB NET 2.0

With the completion of all relocation and construction work on the new company building in Lisbonstrasse in Schweinfurt, we started work in the new premises on November 28.11.2018, XNUMX.

Our new company headquarters unite all company areas under one roof on a total area of ​​3.000 m². In the front area, the two-story administration wing offers space for the management, all commercial departments as well as meeting rooms and the new social rooms for all employees. Customer service, incoming goods, production and the warehouse are located in the spacious rear hall area. In addition, the new, modern building offers all employees an attractive working environment in accordance with the latest ergonomic standards and creates the conditions for the further growth of our company.


The first ground work to straighten the entire area began in the snowy February.

Due to the highly changeable weather and cold temperatures, it was only in March that the floor of the new building could be paved and compacted in order to create a solid foundation for the hall and the office wing.

In April, the first work on various sewer and power connections was carried out and work was carried out on the foundation of the new bb-net company headquarters.

On May 18, 2018, the official groundbreaking took place by Managing Director Michael Bleicher, Authorized Signatory Marco Kuhn and Real Estate Coordinator Jürgen Engelbrecht, as well as representatives of the participating companies RWP Architects and Consulting Engineers GmbH, BWG-Technik GmbH and the general contractor BWG-Gewerbebau GmbH from Schweinfurt. After the official groundbreaking, construction work is progressing quickly and every day a little more of the finished building can be seen. The side pillars of the hall are completely set and the two-story office wing is quickly taking shape.

You can find detailed information on the groundbreaking in the associated News report.

The load-bearing walls of the office wing have been completed and the windows have been inserted. In the meantime, the scaffolding has been set up around the front building up to the second floor and the facade work can begin. Almost all side walls are attached to the rear of the hall.

The outer facade is finished, the partition walls are in place and the outside area has been created. The preparations for the underfloor heating have also already been made. It's going well.

Another month has passed and again we can see good progress on our construction. In the meantime, screed has been laid in the premises. The preparations for the overhead lines have been made and the outer facade is already insulated or is currently being painted.

It's getting serious. The move is getting closer and closer! The work on the outer facade has already been completed. The ceiling installations and tile work started last month. In addition, the property was paved and the electrical installation was carried out in the premises.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. With the exception of the greening, all work outside could be completed. A lot is happening inside now. The production stations are installed, the tables for processing are set up and the interior fittings for the offices are also carried out. Only three more weeks! Now it's really called the ENDSPURT!

The last days in the old property are numbered. At the moment everyone is lending a hand, so we completely moved on time for November 26.11.2018th, XNUMX. In the next few days, the warehouse and logistics as well as the entire production facility will be relocated. In addition, the remaining departments have to be relocated and their workplaces furnished. We are on the last meters of the home straight!


We would like to thank all companies involved for their competent cooperation. The fact that we moved into our new premises at the end of 2018 was mainly due to the good work that all construction companies had done. Thank you!

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