From old to new

Long-term test of refurbished computers

Used EDP devices that are cleaned, repaired and brought into a condition that is as true to the original as possible in order to begin a second life cycle, not only protect the environment, but also the cash register. As part of a long-term test, the FACTS editorial team checked several computers of various brands that had been re-marketed by the Pearl mail order company for their functionality.

Remarketing refers to the resale of used items after a general overhaul or refurbishing. This turns out not only to be ecologically sensible, since environmental resources are conserved, but also to be profitable with a view to economic aspects. It is mostly lease returns that go into remarketing. Used systems often do the same when companies renew their IT equipment as part of rollback projects.

The remarketing of used IT equipment such as PCs and the like is particularly worthwhile. "For the buyer, these refurbished computers are considerably cheaper than new devices with absolutely identical functionality," explains Alexander Kropiwoda, PM Europe team leader at Pearl GmbH. The mail order company with headquarters in Buggingen in Markgräflerland, which originally mainly sold PC software, hardware and accessories, now has a wide range of products. The online shop offers more than 16.000 items from the fields of electronics, wellness and lifestyle, tools, car and mobile phone accessories as well as hobby, leisure and radio products. This broad portfolio includes 120 own brands.

The Pearl range also includes mini-PCs that have been processed by bb-net media GmbH. The company, which was founded in 1995, has dedicated itself to the topic of used hardware right from the start - the strongest product groups are reconditioned notebooks, PCs and TFT displays as well as workstations. Tablets, smartphones and components have also been refurbished since the end of 2014. Used Macbooks and iMacs are brand new to the reprocessing.