Refurbished IT: This is how craft businesses save money

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Hardware and software do not have to be expensive: Today, skilled craftsmen can buy them cheaply on the used IT market. With the right partner, it pays off beyond measure.

Susanne Bañez-Weidenbach found herself in a dilemma in 2018 only at first glance. The entrepreneur has been pursuing a clear digital strategy, but makes sure that her craft start-up saves costs. But like both goals - Buy modern technology and save - harmonize? Quite simply: “90 percent of the hardware for ours I bought the entire IT infrastructure second-hand. I only had to purchase a few special devices that we as a certified company need, and overall I was able to do so round e Save in thirds of the new price“, Says the boss of the five-man company Ramme Drehteile, who among other things works with the Micro machining for medical devices specializet is.

Bañez-Weidenbach's approach is right on trend, because the technological second-hand goods market is booming. Both software and hardware are getting more and more clever craftsmen not brand new, but from reputable sources and save a lot of money. And not only that: "Those who act correctly here get away more cheaply, but don't have to make any concessions when it comes to digitization," confirms Axel Oppermann, an analyst at Avispador, of the approach taken by company boss Bañez-Weidenbach from Königsbach-Stein in Baden-Württemberg. This means: Used does not necessarily mean obsolete. In addition, the legislature has largely cleared up the formerly legally mined area of ​​the second-hand software market. Establishments that observe certain principles, keep themselves legally harmless (see legal tips below).


Entrepreneurs only suffer damage if they exaggerate savings and procure used products from dubious sources. The best example of this is the insolvency of the used dealer Lizengo. This brought it with him Microsoft licenses at a dumping price even on the shelves of the Edeka stores. However, the Cologne public prosecutor's office carried out searches at the online retailer in August 2020. This is said to have sold the product key from Microsoft without actually having a right of use, which the software group then took legal action against.

In the opinion of industry experts such as Axel Oppermann, it is not very realistic that the US company will prohibit the use of the software and turn off the juice for users, but companies are not on the safe side either. "Online shops with suspicious company addresses in Asia or dealers who sell goods for 80 percent below the cost price are natural no suppliers for the shortlistl“Warns the IT analyst.

This is also confirmed by the entrepreneur Bañez-Weidenbach, who, as a certified contract manufacturer, values ​​a dedicated supplier management lays: “Delivery capability and reliability are very important to us. That is why we chose AfB GmbH as a partner ”. The company, based in Düren in North Rhine-Westphalia, claims to be Europe's largest non-profit IT company German sustainability award get and focus on the environmentally friendly re-marketing of technology specialized.


The climate-neutral certified Schweinfurt bb-net, from which the Noppinger craft business from Röthlein in Franconia bought something, also operates. “Nowadays, companies increasingly need their Focus on sustainability align, including craft businesses. We were won over by the aspect that by buying Refurbished IT contribute a part ”, says company boss Annette Noppinger.

“Refurbished”, which can be translated as processed, contains besides that ecological aspect another important aspect for companies. “There actually is large differences in quality between used and processed. Hence the Selection of the conditioner also very important, ”advises Noppinger to other craft businesses. She not only bought office IT from bb-net for her company, but also robust tablets and notebooks for use on construction sites. Noppinger's financial balance sheet: “The savings compared to one New acquisition of a current device of the same series was 60 percent ”- and that despite the extra cost for reprocessing.

Conclusion: With their future IT investments, skilled tradesmen can rely on used cheaper products To fall back on. Provided the quality of the supplier is right.


Who is for the Purchase of hardware or software that has already been used decides must be on some respect important criteriato protect yourself. Has the most important tips Hans Markus Wulf, Lawyer at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek.

Software: In principle, trading in and purchasing used software is permitted under certain conditions. The first purchaser who resells the software must, among other things, his Make copy unusable at the time of resale. Important: Buyers of used software should have the deletion confirmed in writing by the seller and have the signed original or at least a copy of the license agreement that belongs to the copies that are to be transferred be handed over.

Exceptions: It has to be clarified whether the copyright holder (software provider) informs the first acquirer against payment of a fee unlimited right of use has admitted. This is not the case if the initial purchaser has only been granted a rental license. In this way, software manufacturers try to rule out resale on the used market.

Certificates: Some dealers use it Certificates intended to confirm the purchase without risk. Among other things, the insolvency-proof deposit of proof and also the clarification of whether the dealer is solvent and can fulfill his guarantee if necessary.

Hardware: Even when buying used hardware there is a two-year warranty period. However, this can be contractually reduced to twelve months for commercial customers. Traces of use do not represent a defect in used hardware. It is important that no (visible) signs of use are available, a Quality agreement.

Hardware and data protection: From a data protection point of view, it is important to ensure that used hardware has previously been certified data erasure was subjected. The aim of the deletion is also to ensure that the devices there is no malware, through which on personal data or company-internal information can be accessed.


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