System houses are an important partner for implementing digital change and ensuring future viability. As a system house, expand your portfolio with end-of-lifecycle services with IT remarketing and increase your income.

As a system house, fully map the IT lifecycle 

And what do you do for corporate social responsibility in your IT system house? As a solution provider, it is essential IT lifecycle map completely. The service provider's work often ends after the first life cycle. It will far-reaching Business opportunities not taken and increasing questions on the subject "sustainable IT handling" / "Green-IT" not answered. You can continue to concentrate on your core business and bb-net wraps on your behalf all services related to decommissioned EDP and data protection. Added value for your customers and additional Revenue for you. 

teaser system house

Your goals as a system house

core business
the focus
Put on added value

Extension by
complete IT lifecycle

New business
taking back
of old devices

Sales of services
e.g. logistics,
Data deletion, destruction

Show awareness

Marco Binder

"Customers are focusing more than ever on the ecological and social sustainability of IT products and services. Additionally would like you have added value, such as high revenues through IT remarketing or the solution of data protection problems. Sheepwith bb-net as a partner you gain a market advantage before the competitor does it. " 

Marco Binder
Purchasing at bb-net


Show your customers that as a system house you are entire IT lifecycle depict.

With us as a partner, you will not only gain new services but also Sustainability and show conscientiousness. You do not need any know-how or resources for the full IT lifecycle. We pick up the goods, delete all data, check the devices for defects and market them at our own risk.

You benefit from our 25 years of experience im IT remarketing and generate additional income without any effort by actively selling the value-added services. In addition to the required contracts in German and English, we also offer white label solutions. In this way, if you wish, we remain undetected and work on your behalf.

IT remarketing as a managed service plugin

How do system houses and customers benefit from sustainable IT lifecycle management?

System houses benefit by a Value-added service, with which you generate additional revenue can, without for it Improvement build up to have to. This starts with the on-site packaging, the Transport as well as the logistics of the devices - we take care of all these things for you and you simply concentrate on your core business. The customers creates the good feeling of dealing with IT sustainably can thereby   Added value for Your corporate Social  Responseability to generate.  

Are managed services the future for system houses and IT service providers?

It is no longer enough to deliver a device to the customer and then say goodbye - System houses have to map the entire IT lifecycle, um with your company zfutureable to stayTherefore sind Managed Services in any case essential for IT system houses. Managed System houses promise services and IT service providers a bright futurebecause you score with recurring sales and long-term customer loyalty. 


Process diagram service provider
service chart service provider

you as System house service provider provide your IT-related services as usual and now offer additional services.

Customer service diagram

Your Customer has the good feeling to deal with IT sustainably and can do this in CSR and implement communication.

Process diagram service provider bb-net

We as bb-net stay in the background and are your contractual partner. All proceeds and services remain with you.

Processing by us and high yields for her

Assets service diagram

We work directly as a service provider in IT asset management together with you and take over the entire process.

  • On-site packaging, transport and logistics of the devices
  • Recording and reporting of the retired assets (hardware)
  • Execution of data deletion or destruction of data carriers
  • Audit-proof archiving of the deletion logs
  • Comprehensive reporting based on serial numbers
  • De-inventory of the units in asset management
Service payout chart

In addition to selling additional services to the customer, you secure yourself high yields by the remarketing the Aold devices - without risk for you. As refurbishers, we take overse in our inventory and market the refurbished IT goods through our distribution channels. You will receive a fair and transparentpension assessment and instant payout. The value-added income contributes to the refinancing of new business.

Free consulting call
Rollback concept, project process or integration into a sustainability concept. Support for your company.

Free collection ✓
All hardware across Germany will be picked up from you at no cost and even unpacked. Everything is brought along.

Free data erasure ✓
With BSI approved blancco software, data deletion is GDPR compliant. All labels are also removed.

Free destruction ✓
Defective hard drives, tapes, tapes and media are shredded using certified shredders.

Free disposal ✓
Anything that does not make it into the second cycle is subject to proper disposal as a certified specialist company.

Free CO2 certificate ✓
Your ecological actions will be rewarded. Upon request, you will receive a certificate with the emissions saved for your good deed.

Immediate revenue payment ✓
After optical and technical tests, you will receive a transparent evaluation. The payment is made immediately.

Expand your portfolio and secure free services.