A professional refurbisher relieves you at the end of the lifecycle, protects before data breaches and manages Compensate for losses and enable refinancing. 

bb-net has been helping companies for 25 years and contracting authorities at the end of the IT lifecycle and at the same time creates added value.

Dabei stands the Privacy Policy first of all. We offer a comprehensive Solution concept of collection, auditing, data destruction, processing and Marketing. We can also do that Services cheaper and safer pose as yourself. We advise you free of charge, to the end of life Integrate processes seamlessly, but also to Your exemplary approach in CSR reports and sustainable communication to represent. 

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offset by depreciation

carry out new IT hardware

the IT department through process outsourcing

Privacy Policy
by deleting and destroying the data

Environmentally friendly
Recovery and

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The IT purchase Ordering Process

The buying process always follows the same scheme and is divided into Primary and secondary process. We have summarized this process for you in the graphic. All Details and more information is available with one click on the button below.


Sell ​​your used IT to bb-net. Small numbers of items are also possible depending on age and condition. From a quantity of 50 units, high market prices can be achieved with homogeneous goods.

• Second hand Laptops
• Second hand Scout
• Second hand Server & Hosting
• Second hand Cell Phones & Tablets
• Used items Accessories
• Second hand disk


In our technology center, used IT is very welcome and absolutely secure, both the devices and their data. The high technical and organizational measures from the point of view of IT security paired with our completely specially developed software solution make ours Center to one of the leading and best in Germany.

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Improper maintenance of backups and old data carriers creates high security risks and involuntary violations of the Privacy Policy.  
With highly sensitive data, the security factor plays a central role as soon as it leaves your company.  The Data destruction is carried out by selected, trained specialists in a special security area. All buildings are VDS alarm-secured, video-monitored and access-controlled. Voluntary IT security audits confirmed to us that the overall IT security is at an above-average high 96%. A 3-step was created especially for the remarketing process security concept developed. By developing the software in-house, we have created a first-class, highly secure system. BSI compliant, certified and according to German (DIN 66399) and international (ISO / IEC 21964-2) Security standards.


Maximum remarketing and bringing in your old ITcombined with professional recycling can do a lot of good. 

Reuse, so-called Reuse, spares Climate and environment. It creates a Reduction of CO2Emissions by not manufacturing and selling a new unit. you save up itself Energy by using new energy efficient hardware. You actively support the Circular-Economy and indirectly too education because bb-net supports various IT aid projects and also promotes the creation of equal opportunities 

Additionally you have through your resource-saving Dealing with IT a positive effect for customers and suppliers. Tie this into yours CSR concept one. Communicate your good doing via PR and marketing department. By the way, you can also achieve goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Rollback concept, project process or integration into a sustainability concept. Support for your company.

Free collection ✓
All hardware across Germany will be picked up from you at no cost and even unpacked. Everything is brought along.

Free data erasure ✓
With BSI approved blancco software, data deletion is GDPR compliant. All labels are also removed.

Free destruction ✓
Defective hard drives, tapes, tapes and media are shredded using certified shredders.

Free disposal ✓
Anything that does not make it into the second cycle is subject to proper disposal as a certified specialist company.

Free CO2 certificate ✓
Your ecological actions will be rewarded. Upon request, you will receive a certificate with the emissions saved for your good deed.

Immediate revenue payment ✓
After optical and technical tests, you will receive a transparent evaluation. The payment is made immediately.

All services free of charge for you.
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