There are innumerable differences in the handling of decommissioned IT in processes, handling reliability, evaluation as well as the important data security and data deletion. Compare yourself.

There is more to old company hardware than you might think.

The sale of decommissioned IT can generate valuable additional income for companies. But one should compare the market carefully.

Many IT service providers buy used hardware. Selecting the market is time-consuming and not always promising, as many services, such as professional data deletion, are not clearly visible to you. That is why we put together all of our added value compared to other market participants in a transparent manner.

Businessman market comparison


We will show you the difference in the areas of security, transparency, traceability, quality and partnership between competitors and bb-net.

You get an estimated price, which is none clear Structure follows and itself Project to project changes. 

We as bb-net have created an intelligent software-based pricing structure, um them unseren best possible price zu delivern and as close as possible to the works To be market prices. The review of this price structure is an ongoing process and is regularly reviewed and adjusted. We guarantee that you will not experience any negative surprises with us.
It is also possible to create forecasts so that you know what value your hardware will have in 12 to 36 months.

The devices will by means of a barcode and delivery number identified and merged. Either in an Excel list or in rudimentary software. 

When your delivery arrives, the integrity and the number of pallets will be checked. After unpacking the goods, a barcode scan every device recorded. In addition, the manufacturer and model data, project and goods receipt number. thereupon the software automatically compares over- or under-delivery. Incorrect serial numbers are automatically adjusted using intelligent matching.

Find it only Visual inspections take place, which in
4-eyes principle can be carried out
. The human factor is very error-prone here. 

Fully automatic media detection. Check the
SIM cards
slots, DVD drives, internal USB sticks, Media card slots and hard drives that should be deleted. If a medium entdeckt or data is found, the affected device stops and an unavoidable error message appears until the cause has been eliminated. 

By manual input on the device the project number is assigned and the deletion started manually.

As soon as a device is on our network connected and started up, the automatic assignment takes place based on the serial number to the correct order. This link automatically loads the correct deletion image into I welchem the desired deletion method is stored. The deletion process is fully automated ab without an employee being able or allowed to intervene. Mixing up the devices is therefore impossible.

You will receive pages of PDF documents Data erasure protocols,which You have to check manually. This is not only inefficient, but also very time-consuming. 

A manual comparison of the deletion logs is not necessary, our software does this for you. You will be shown in plain text which device was deleted and which data carrier was mechanically destroyed. This comparison is working ebenfallsfully automatically via communication with the database of the deletion software provider. 

Hard drives are often stored temporarily, picked up by external service providers and only then destroyed. Ten happens in most cases without software support. 

Shouldn't the deletion to be possible, since the hard drive has a defect, we guarantee one safe Destruction according to DIN 66399-2 E4 / H5 / T5.  

The destruction takes place with a shredder certified according to DIN 66399-2 / ISO 21964-2. You will of course receive proof of this including the serial number of the destroyed data carrier. Here, too, the employee is guided through the process using LEAN.

The devices are either partially automated or entered manually in a list, which They are then made available. This Process is very imprecise and lengthy.

You will receive a comprehensive test report with the audit results on Geräte and Serial number base. The technical data is read from the devices and stored in our database. By means of a preselected definition of the damage, an employee can objectively assess each device. Our software calculates the final state of the device based on the selection. This ensures that the classification is always the same, regardless of employees and perspectives. A copy can be made available to you at any time via the export. 

Tests are carried out either without or using purchased software, usually only as a power-on test. The wishes of customers cannot be addressed here.

Because SAM is 100% in-house development, the tests can be improved and further developed at any time. The responsible department is also completely in-house. The results from the battery or keyboard test, for example, are saved in our intelligent database and reloaded later in the process. Thus the throughput times are minimized and redundant tests avoided.

As a rule, there is no positive emphasis on the CO2 savings in the media or it is only carried out as a lump sum without a solid basis.  

If you wish, we will be happy to provide you with a certificate at the end of the yearwhich shows your CO2 savings, to disposal. You are welcome to publish these in a media-effective manner.

There are selten 100 percent defined processes in the company, as well as no holistic Work of the various departments within the company.
All of the points listed come together in the motto “Quality create value! ”together. We all pull together. Feel free to contact us and see for yourself.

Often only interested in "quick money" - the big picture falls by the wayside. 

We are characterized by long-term business relationships - regardless of the size of the partner. We resolve possible discrepancies together and, ideally, in advance.
True to the motto: "Give and take."

"We promise you a partnership at eye level, characterized by maximum security, best evaluation of your used IT, absolute transparency and a great team.”

Michael Bleicher

Free consulting call
Rollback concept, project process or integration into a sustainability concept. Support for your company.

Free collection ✓
All hardware across Germany will be picked up from you at no cost and even unpacked. Everything is brought along.

Free data erasure ✓
With BSI approved blancco software, data deletion is GDPR compliant. All labels are also removed.

Free destruction ✓
Defective hard drives, tapes, tapes and media are shredded using certified shredders.

Free disposal ✓
Anything that does not make it into the second cycle is subject to proper disposal as a certified specialist company.

Free CO2 certificate ✓
Your ecological actions will be rewarded. Upon request, you will receive a certificate with the emissions saved for your good deed.

Immediate revenue payment ✓
After optical and technical tests, you will receive a transparent evaluation. The payment is made immediately.

    All services free of charge for you.
    At the same time, high security and fair market prices.

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