You ensure modern IT equipment, efficient processes and the best leasing rates. High guaranteed residual values ​​at the end of the term secure further margins and bring added value for customers.

Higher residual values ​​at the end of the lease and guaranteed buyback.

For you and your customers, the IT lifecycle should not end with the last leasing installment, because remarketing will generate additional income.

We can guarantee you a guaranteed residual value for various product groups from the IT environment of the original value even before the first leasing installment. Far above your calculated residual values. Benefit from the complete IT lifecycle and create sustainability and data security for your partners.

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Higher residual values
through IT remarketing

Guaranteed values
by repurchase

End-of-Life Services
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Sustainable CSR
with you and your customers

Data security on
End of leasing


Buyback & high residual values

On average, financiers calculate from a full amortization to a safe three to five percent residual value after the end of the leasing period. Particularly in the massively increasing financing of IT goods, significantly higher residual values ​​can be achieved through cooperation with a strong partner, if this does not remain with the user but is marketed. A minimum residual value of 10 percent is guaranteed. Higher residual values ​​are possible in many IT objects such as notebooks. We have already prepared a residual value table for you with guaranteed surrender and residual values ​​on a percentage basis. We always assume the financing value with you. In order to you don't have to request a tedious individual assessment, but have a permanently strong partner for IT leasing objects. You also have the option at any time Revenue-share model for individual properties to agree with us.
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Buyback guarantee for large projects

In addition to your standard business, you also finance Large objects with several thousand units. Here it depends on every percentage point in order to receive the award. We are at your side as early as the offer phase and calculate the residual value for the desired leasing period and the IT equipment in question. When you submit your offer, you have the written security with regard to the surrender value and a guaranteed surrender by bb-net with the associated marketing.

Precise reporting & value-added services

The visual and technical check of the lease returns in our technology center gives you an exact list of all IT units based on serial numbers. So can you Discounts against the lessee or the insurance company assert. In addition, you can sell additional security to the lessee through the Value-added performance such as the logistics of the objects as well as their secure data deletion or destruction exclusively in Germany and according to German law. We will provide you with all legally secure contract documents available free of charge.



Show your customers with us as a partner that you map the entire IT lifecycle. In addition to high residual values, you will also demonstrate sustainability and conscientiousness. We will collect the goods at the end of the leasing period as well as in the event of an unexpected, premature end. Delete all data, check the devices for defects and market them at your own risk. You benefit from our 25 years of experience.

You generate further income through the active sale of the value-added services at the end of the lease and thus also secure new customer business. Of course, this is also possible indirectly via your sales partner network. Here we offer white label solutions and act in your name or your partner.

That could and should soon be part of your portfolio on your website or brochure.

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End-of-life service

At the end of the useful life, Muster Leasing AG thought ahead. We offer you specialized services to completely map the IT lifecycle for you - individually tailored to your needs.

The life cycle of IT does not end with the decommissioning of the units. There is a lot to be done. For this we offer a complete solution with our partner. Sensitive company data is deleted in a fully certified manner and previously packed and removed on-site by trained staff. After the devices have been checked, a detailed reporting and remarketing. All steps are certified and are carried out in Germany. In addition, you act sustainably and ecologically you can also incorporate your handling of decommissioned EDP into your CSR report with strong communication. 

Your advantages through the end-of-life service at Muster Leasing AG:

  • Complete, worry-free processing from a single source
  • Highly secure data deletion or destruction according to international standards
  • Certified services in every process step
  • Qualified marketing of IT hardware
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of defective devices

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