Securely erasing hard drive and SSD from your old devices is the top priority. We have already prepared all contracts for this and offer a legally compliant, BSI and DSVGO compliant and certified solution.

Safe Data destruction free of charge for your data and your organization.

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Rollback concept, project process or integration into a sustainability concept. Support for your company.

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All hardware across Germany will be picked up from you at no cost and even unpacked. Everything is brought along.

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With BSI approved blancco software, data deletion is GDPR compliant. All labels are also removed.

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Defective hard drives, tapes, tapes and media are shredded using certified shredders.

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Anything that does not make it into the second cycle is subject to proper disposal as a certified specialist company.

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Your ecological actions will be rewarded. Upon request, you will receive a certificate with the emissions saved for your good deed.

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After optical and technical tests, you will receive a transparent evaluation. The payment is made immediately.


We offer you a comprehensive, state-of-the-art BSI-compliant concept to protect you at no cost to you. Companies have not only had a duty to data protection since the introduction of the new GDPR. You have to handle sensitive data responsibly and in compliance with the law, for example if you sell a laptop or PC and have the data deleted. Nevertheless, it often happens that internal company data is not correctly deleted. The data scandals are increasing - and the resulting damage can quickly run into the millions. Therefore, you should check carefully who you are leaving your used hardware with.

    Safety has priority in every process section


    With highly sensitive data, the security factor plays a central role as soon as it leaves your company. With our certified partners, we can guarantee secure handling from the first minute.


    The data destruction is carried out by selected, trained specialists in a special security area with specially developed software.


    The security of your data from the moment it arrives is part of our services. All buildings are VdS alarm-secured, video-monitored and access-controlled. IT security audits confirm that this is an above-average 96%.


    Despite the necessary data protection officer, data protection is still a top priority. It is not enough to hire a suitable person internally or externally. The sole responsibility for data processing and data protection lies with the company itself. This makes it clear that the management is liable for violations. Therefore, we ensure a legally secure contractual basis and error-free data cleansing.

    Data protection is a top priority

    Outsourced data processing

    Required for processing directories and agreements with service providers and storage and processing providers for company data. Also in the area of ​​marketing used IT, an ADV is an absolute MUST and the legal basis. Background: If there is data on the data carrier, you need a clear regulation on how it is handled and what obligations and rights result from it. Without this ADV, no hard drive may be removed from a device or even deleted.


    A suitable storage location and safe transport should be clarified before the start. Lockable and sealable Transport boxes are standard with us. These are provided free of charge or, depending on the period, for a rental fee. Not only the safety, but also the integrity of the goods is important for high sales. In the course of logistics, for example, we offer GPS monitored transports or unpacked collection. If you wish, we can record the serial numbers for you.


    We help protect our building so that your goods and data are secure until the transfer of ownership VdS certified alarm systems. The electronically monitored access control also offers additional protection. One Insurance concept protects you in the worst-case scenario against theft, vandalism or environmental damage.


    In addition to Intrusion alarm system are all security-relevant areas with a room monitoring fitted. As soon as the goods arrive, we can comprehend all movements seamlessly and, if necessary, provide evidence of video recordings of several days.

    Qualified data destruction company

    ZN data destruction company

    Certification with testing and monitoring based on the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act according to DIN 66399-3.

    blancco ITAD partner

    bb-net is a blancco Silver ITAD partner

    IT refurbishers with a high volume of data erasure have Blancco ITAD partner status and thus reflect the professionalism you need.

    IT security audit

    It security audit

    Carrying out a voluntary audit by certified IT security auditors and IT compliance managers confirm a security level of 96%.


    Many competitors advertise that you can erase your devices' data, but data erasure is not always data erasure. A complete security and software concept is part of a sensible data deletion. Hence, you shouldn't just focus on the service Data deletion pay attention, but question exactly what is behind it and how it works. Here bb-net has an almost unique approach in the industry. The combination of a three-stage system and the in-house developed Software solution SAM offer you absolute security.

    Security concept data security


    SAM is the abbreviation for a specially developed software that automatically carries out all partial processing steps and guides the employee LEAN. At bb-net, Manufacturing 4.0 is not a vision, but a reality. An absolute highlight is the area data within the environment. You keep reading sentences like: "We use trained personnel to delete data." But everyone knows that software works more error-free and more reliably. We have a trained team to check, but the real work is done by the computer-controlled software. All data and media are recognized and logged fully electronically and automatically. For this purpose, the devices are controlled by the innovative software from the point at which they are connected to the network, so that almost no human intervention is necessary.

    notebook with software sam


    LEVEL 1
    LEVEL 2
    LEVEL 3


    In order to Data deletion or destruction of data carriers all contents of Data are recognized. In the case of a laptop, for example, this could be SIM cards with telephony and contact data, media cards such as SD cards, security cards for data applications, USB adapters acting as dongles, optical data carriers such as CD or DVD, internal hard drives (HDDs) or SSDs stickers and notes can also be directly on the device. There is also a multitude of possible storage locations in other units such as computers, servers, cell phones or even printers. We as market leaders have developed own software applicationswho find all the building blocks, these report seamlessly, remove from the device and then send for quenching or shredding. A pure four-eyes principle (as is often the case with competitors) based on work instructions is not sufficient here, as the error rate is too high.


    With blancco we have the best method to securely erase data on storage devices regardless of technology. Each The extinguishing procedure used is checked and certifiedto ensure compliance with national and global data protection regulations. You end up with a signed, tamper evident and digital data erasure protocol are available for each individual data carrier. Within our We use SAM software in the background on applications and data connections by blancco. As a Silver Partner, we can draw on significantly more resources and receive the latest technologies and information first hand.


    Destruction of data media is necessary if due to Defects cannot be deleted. This is the only way to guarantee security. There are also data carriers, such as hard drives that cannot be marketed due to their age, as well as mobile and smartphones, LTO tapes and media cards. The only way to meet even the highest needs is to be shredded and destroyed with certified DIN 66399-2, ISO 21964-2 media shredders. These systems are also located in our absolutely secure technology center. Transport to a service provider is not necessary.

    hard drives
    DIN 66399 H4 and H5

    SSD, smartphone and tablet
    DIN 66399 E4

    Tape drives and media
    DIN 66399 T5

    Destruction of hard drive with shredder
    DIN 66399_H4
    DIN 66399 H4
    DIN 66399_H5
    DIN 66399 H5
    DIN 66399_E4
    DIN 66399 E4


    What is the difference between simple and secure, certified data erasure?

    Some companies have the PC completely erased with the operating system in the form of formatting, which is often described as simple data erasure. However, this has nothing to do with data deletion, as the data can be restored using simple means. There is no certified data deletion in this sense, only the process of the deletion process during the data destruction can be certified, with the BSI data deletion there is the possibility to delete GDPR compliant. On the other hand, there is secure data deletion and describes the combination of the deletion algorithm, the process flow and the medium to be deleted. This also determines the duration of the deletion process.

    How is data carrier destruction defined in accordance with DIN EN 66399?

    DIN 66399-1 describes the general principles and terms of certified data destruction. Data carriers such as HDDs, SSDs, LTO tapes, CDs, smartphones or tablets are destroyed in accordance with DIN 66399-2 with security levels E4, T5, O4 and H5. The requirements for certified data carrier destruction are placed on the destruction machine. H5 describes the destruction of HDDs with a maximum shredder size of 320 mm² (10% tolerance up to 800 mm²). The destruction of data carriers from smartphones, tablets and SSDs is indicated with E4 - here the maximum shredder size is 30 mm² (10% tolerance up to 90 mm²). DIN 66399-3 describes the process of data destruction.

    Why secure data destruction?

    A simple data deletion is no longer sufficient these days to act responsibly with company and customer data in accordance with the GDPR. If data is lost or misused, there is a risk of high fines and criminal penalties. You should have your data deleted e.g. B. from a professional refurbisher. A written confirmation of the data deletion is essential. Security containers should also be used to protect your data media.

    What is the difference between "disposal" and "destruction" for data carriers?

    When they are disposed of, the data carriers usually end up undeleted on the landfill at the disposal company, where your data is freely accessible and not protected like a certified data deletion. If the hard drive is destroyed, the data carriers are mechanically destroyed with the help of a shredder and cannot be restored. The security level must be observed here. On-site disk destruction is a common practice to ensure that the disks do not leave your company in working order.