Amazon becomes a refurbisher

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November 03, 2016 | IT BUSINESS
Shipping giant sells refurbished second-hand equipment.
Our statement on the new category at the online leader.

Anyone who follows the specialist magazines on the subject of “Reconditioned Hardware” could not avoid reporting Amazon's step into this market: From now on, the largest online retailer also has reconditioned technology under the newly created category “Certified and refurbished”.

But what's really new about it? Used systems from retailers have long been represented on the Amazon platform. The category now only creates a new framework in which Amazon then also sells products that have been processed instead of leaving this area entirely to third parties.

The customer receives the basic information that the products are as good as new at low prices, that they receive a one-year guarantee and that the devices have a "certified functionality and appearance".

You can find the category overview here:

Warehouse 2.0?

For a long time, Amazon has been selling products under the title "Warehouse Deals" that have been returned by buyers and that can no longer be sold as new. According to the reports available, the new category is not intended to replace the warehouse, but rather to run in addition to these offers. The sub-categories are divided into smartphones, game consoles and Amazon's own devices such as Kindle or Fire tablets. From the actual IT area, only notebooks are currently available. It remains to be seen whether other categories such as PC systems and TFT displays will join them.

For Amazon, however, like all other products, refurbished IT is a merchandise; according to our current information, they do not intend to get into the refurbishment of devices themselves.

With tecXL to Amazon

We have been asked several times whether bb-net will sell items on Amazon itself. This will not be the case. We are happy to leave the sale directly to end customers, regardless of the platform, to our specialist dealers.

For you as a specialist retailer, the new category makes it easier for you to sell tecXL items via the marketplace platform. The requirements for functionality, visual condition and warranty specified by Amazon are met by the tecXL devices by default. By registering as a marketplace dealer, you can list items and easily attach them to items that are already listed. In the detailed view of the article, under the displayed price, there are then further links "New from ..." or "Used from ...", which then lead to the offers of alternative providers.

On the following page you will find all information about registering as a marketplace dealer, the requirements and the costs:

Sell ​​qualified

According to the Amazon information page, "only selected marketplace sellers and manufacturers or suppliers who have high quality and performance [...] are allowed to offer certified refurbished products [...]." So far we have not received any information from Amazon on how however, a dealer may qualify for this selection, but will keep you informed on the matter.

If you have more information, we would be happy to receive a short email.


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