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While politicians would like a comprehensive solution for dealing with climate change, and best of all on a global level, they could "smaller" Medium-term initiatives by companies and activists faster prove successful. aluxo, the makers from Surface-As-A-Service, the attractive leasing model for Microsoft Surface devices and bb-net, one of the leading IT processors in Germany, have set up a cooperation that has given disused devices a second life. 

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The story behind it

The best waste is none
You like it too ein wenig as a PR stunt consider or criticize the effectiveness of the measures adopted, is of Initiatives like those of FacebookMicrosoft or DHL in contrast to airy climate protection goals of governments a concrete reduction in greenhouse gases can be expected. An important contribution to climate protection that reduces emissions in a variety of ways can reduce climate-relevant gases  a rethinking of waste. So-called “E-waste” should have a particularly high priority. In global comparison stands Germany ranks fifth in an international comparison with 1,9 million tons of electronic wasteE-scrap is particularly problematic as waste, on the one hand because of its relatively short useful life and on the other because of its difficulty, to recycle the raw materials contained in them by type. It is not uncommon for devices to end up on the trash that could have been used for several years after appropriate processing. Has implemented the EU directive from 2012 in "Law on placing on the market, taking back and environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic equipment " When manufacturers are more responsible, too many devices still end up in the trash. One of the things that can help is the used equipment business. 

Reconditioning beats recycling
Recycling e-waste instead of dumping it in open landfills far away from your own front door is a start. Unfortunately, the numerous examples of toxic, towering mountains of rubbish all over the world indicate that there is still a lot to be done here. Recycling often takes place in countries that lack the necessary infrastructure to process the waste safely and properly. For example, in Ghana Copper cables in an open fire from their plasticmantelung freed. Children put themselves in danger only to remove parts from the garbage that are worth a few cents. Toxins get into the environment unhindered and make the local population sick. But even professional recycling uses a lot of water and releases additional CO2. 

 “Refurbished” devices, i.e. devices that have already had their first life cycle behind them, are a cost-efficient and sustainable solution for avoiding unnecessary e-waste. refurbishment means to bring the device into a perfect optical and technical condition and again that original purpose of use feed. This is possible above all with devices from the business segment, as they are generally more robust, durable and more powerful than hardware intended for end users. The latter is usually not worth the effort, due to the large variety of models and the significantly stronger signs of wear. However, the higher quality is also reflected in the price; business models are often many times more expensive than comparable consumer devices. Companies are increasingly relying on leasing models such as aluxos Surfaceas-a service. These offer the advantage for companies, always with top currentr Hardware to be equipped and to have minimal personal effort for maintenance and support. Similar to a leased vehicle, the device goes off after reaching it a certain mileage back to Aluxo. If the leasing contract continues, the customer will even receive a new device and a replacement for the transition period free of charge. All data and settings will be by request transferred to the replacement device and work can continue seamlessly. 

After 2-3 years, the devices need to be replaced and the question arises as to what to do with the "old" devices.  


Explanatory graphic from aluxo about the life cycle of our It devices
Explanatory graphic from aluxo about the life cycle of our It devices

The new cooperation between Aluxo and bb-net ensures that the supposedly obsolete devices go through a second life cycle. bb-net is a passionate specialist in the “refurbished” business.

The process starts with a visual inspection of the device, slight scratches have already a lower classification of the device result. This is followed by a thorough cleaning. Dust and other particles that accumulate during use, will completely sucked off. All devices are anonymized and stickers attached to the outside are carefully removed. A heat gun will help remove old stickers carefully. Finally, the housing is cleaned with special cleaning agents "gloss" polished. Here, too, bb-net attaches great importance to environmental compatibility. All cleaning agents used are environmentally friendly. The electricity for the one completed in 2018 Production hall is 100% covered by green electricity. 

But the service from bb-net goes far beyond mere cleaning. The employees replace lost plastic feet, panels or entire keyboards, whereby bb-net even has some spare parts specially made. The latter also includes SSDs and RAM memories, which are sold under their own brand at bb-net tecXL to run. This seemingly special approach guarantees maximum compatibility and reliability of the installed components. If the optical defects cannot be remedied, they go Devices as "2. Choice" on the market, including a two-year guarantee. The scope of the guarantee also includes repairr defective devices within 72 hours.  

70 percent of the devices are upgraded, for example with more RAM, a new battery, a larger hard disk or SSDsSubsequently played a server them optional with Windows 10 Pro or home including recovery partition, drivers, Libre Office and   SecuritySuiteExtensive tests are carried out after all “restoration work” has been completed.  

Data protection and license protection
After the  Receipt of the device becomes this at bb-net professionally cleaned of old data so that under no circumstances confidential information such as customer data remain on the devices. Bb-net is the only one IT-Refurbisher in Germany, which is a completely digital data recognition who monitors the preparation process and guides employees through the process step by step. In this way it can be proven that the device has been completely cleared of old data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Federal Data Protection Act. Mobile data carriers such as memory cards, discs or SIM cards are removed and irretrievably shredded. When Aluxo receives the devices back, the customer can be sure that they will start using their device on the greenfield. 

The procedure is fully based on that MAR program from Microsoft ("Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher") Voted. bb-net is the official partner here, one of only 69 companies worldwide that have this status. 

Second Life for Surface
The device then either receives its second existence erneut in the context of Surface-as-a-Service or through resale to Specialist dealers, commercial end users or at schools and facilities the public sector. For these target groups, the cost advantage over new devices is a particularly decisive advantage. 

Logically economical
Most businesses innovate   three to five Years want to print their individual IT-Infrastructure. This item is becoming increasingly important in the corporate budget a. Furthermore, a rule of thumb states that, much like new cars, computer systems around half a year ilose their current value. All of this makes used hardware so attractive at the moment.  

The cooperation from Aluxo and bb-net stands quite unter the sign of sustainabilityBoth companies prove it contemporary environmental awareness and to implement a green Market strategyOne suchs Model offers Also the first-time users all the advantages of the latest technology, while the user is in the second life cycle of inexpensive, practically new devices profitieren. With that all say Users  one sheer insatiable hunger for resources und excessive CO2 footprintNLA the fight an.