Alliance for Cyber ​​Security

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Digitization and the networking of systems and devices have their advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it opens up great business opportunities for us, but on the other hand, it also entails risks. The 2017 survey by the Alliance for Cyber ​​Security confirms: Almost 70% of companies in Germany have been victims of cyber attacks in recent years. Half of the cases were successful - every second attack led to production or operational downtimes. The attackers are acting more and more professionally and are using increasingly sophisticated methods that are often difficult to detect and cannot be fought off with traditional protective mechanisms such as virus scanners and firewalls.

Cyber ​​security must therefore be considered and implemented from the start. For the successful handling of these risks, up-to-date information and the exchange of knowledge and experience of security skills are therefore essential. This is where the Alliance for Cyber ​​Security, which was founded in 2012 by the Federal Office for Information Security, helps in order to be able to take stronger action against cyber attacks. Over 4000 companies and institutions are now part of this initiative - including bb-net media GmbH.

By participating, bb-net can benefit from the following:

  • from the expertise of the Federal Office for Information Security and the partners of the Alliance for Cyber ​​Security
  • The trustful exchange of experiences with other companies and institutions on topics such as attack vectors, suitable protective measures, tips on security management, incident handling
  • bb-net has access to offers to expand its cyber security competence.

The aim in the future is to work as a partner in the alliance in order to support the alliance for cyber security beyond that.

TOGETHER for more security. TOGETHER against cyber attacks.

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