Actor in the PREVENT Waste Alliance

member of the prevent waste alliance
Together for a circular economy - dhe PREVENT Waste Alliance is an amalgamation of organizations from business, science, civil society and state institutions. It was launched in Berlin in May 2019 and serves as a platform for exchange and international cooperation. The pioneer and one of the leading ITAD companies, bb-net from Schweinfurt, has also been a member of this association since April 2021. 

Our steadily increasing consumption of electrical appliances like computers, cell phones and refrigerators has led to that electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. In 2016 alone, 44,7 tons of electronic waste were generated worldwide, of which only 20% was officially recorded and recycled. E-waste contains many potentially dangerous substances as well as valuable metals. In many countries there is a lack of adequate recycling facilities to recycle this new waste stream safely and sustainably. Instead, workers in the informal waste sector earn their living by removing valuable parts from the waste. It often does this by repairing, dismantling, and recycling e-waste using simple methods such as burning cables. This causes serious damage to the environment, workers' health and local communities. During the informal collection of waste pretty effective is, informal recycling methods tend to be inefficient and also result in the loss of valuable resources and precious metals. 

The Schweinfurt expert wants as an actor together with the Aalliance contribute, Waste to minimize and eliminate pollutants worldwide. To will the Expansion of a functioning waste and recycling managementaspiredto reduce the amount of waste released into the environment, especially in development and Emerging markets to reduce. 

The management of bb-net and his team will join the working group “Closing cycles for electronic waste” engage to plan and implement activities. 

The objectives of the working group, which are also on the website readable are: 

  •  We want to find pilot solutions that can be used worldwide and support local partners on site. 
  • We want to create better working conditions for workers in the recycling sector.
  • We want the environment from harmful activities in the area of recycling protect from electronic waste.
  • We want to promote the sale and recycling of secondary raw materials from electronic waste.
  • We want to increase the reuse, reconditioning and repair of used electronic devices. 

We, bb-net media GmbH from Schweinfurt, would like to thank you for the chance to participate and for being accepted into this alliance with a very well designed onboarding process.