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Acting sustainably and assuming social responsibility, but not forgetting your own profitability. Society's pressure on companies to use resources responsibly is increasing. With the advancement of digitization, the demand for IT hardware is greater than ever. However, the more hardware is produced, the larger the mountain of electronic waste becomes. So how can companies, lessors, system houses or public institutions advance the necessary digitization and use resources sustainably?

In order to always be up to date with the latest technology, companies usually replace their own hardware every 3-5 years. In most cases, the simplest solution for organizations is to store the decommissioned IT or to hand it over directly to a disposal company. It is precisely in this process that there is an urgent need to catch up. But how?

The answer is: IT remarketing.
IT remarketing is an activity that is carried out by a professional used goods dealer for hardware components. Among other things, the expression is also known under the term “hardware purchase”. But in contrast to a normal hardware purchase, IT remarketing includes additional services that are important for compliance with the European GDPR.

With the help of IT remarketing, a company is able to sell its used and old hardware components efficiently and securely. The professional IT used goods dealer takes over all the necessary steps that are necessary for the sustainable and legally compliant disposal of the hardware.

How exactly companies of all kinds can implement sustainable IT remarketing in their business processes and which criteria can be used to easily check whether the existing refurbish partner is the right one can be read in our white paper: