25 years of bb-net media GmbH: New life for used IT.

M. Bleicher, bb-net CEO

Schweinfurt, July 2021. Michael Bleicher founded his first company 25 years ago and began processing used IT in his parents' garage in Lower Franconia. A quarter of a century later, his bb-net media GmbH is one of the largest refurbishers in Germany, employs 60 people and generated around 2020 million sales in 17 - actually with the same recipe for success as back then: courage to change, innovative strength, a feeling for trends and a " Quality-first ”philosophy that is actually lived.

Become an entrepreneur at the age of 15 and remain so to this day? This is possible if, firstly, you know a lot about IT and, secondly, you can translate the know-how into appropriate, marketable concepts. Michael Bleicher was able to: Much of the consistently positive business development of his bb-net media GmbH, as the company has been called since 2000, is based on his never-ending thirst for knowledge and his passion for experimentation. The innovative solutions that his company offers across Europe today are all tried and tested and developed in-house - from video-monitored hard drive shredders to "Green IT Box", which are intended to facilitate the collection of used hardware directly in the company.

Certified and transparent manufacturing and logistics processes are always at the center of the specialist for IT refurbishing and remarketing, because corporate customers simply want to know what happens to their data when they deliver used devices to bb-net. For this reason alone, his company is today not only a qualified data destruction company with "ESET Gold" partner status and certified waste disposal company, but since 2012 also one of only 60 "Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers" worldwide who comply with the strict Microsoft requirements for the installation of the operating system fulfill.

Since the market for used IT is booming, bb-net's total audit capacity of 120.000 devices a year is regularly exhausted. Of the high-quality first and second choice goods alone - that is, hardware that is reprocessed and sold under the tecXL brand through specialist dealers - 1 units go over the counter every year. Typically, in business-to-business, notebooks, PCs and workstations for the German and European market are still predominantly used, but displays, smartphones and tablets are also increasingly being used by refurbishers. IT refurbishing today is the exciting combination of automation, filigree manual work, technology expertise and individualized service. Bleicher and his team cover all of this and implement the core processes of IT purchasing, IT processing and IT sales, including transport logistics, in a consistently sustainable manner - of course, fully transparently and controlled via a merchandise management system. This ultimately gives the company great credibility in the market: self-imposed consistency, from the 2% use of green electricity in the company to the recyclable packaging of goods, active minimization of CO2-Emissions and funding of many environmental and social projects.

And because every goods supplier or refurbished IT buyer has their own, individual requirements for the IT life cycle, the future remains exciting. There can only be limited standard solutions. Bb-net counteracts this with the firm will to constant change and a growth dynamic that also includes the service portfolio, personnel development or production capacity. Space for this could still be created next to the 2019 m3200 company premises, which were newly occupied in XNUMX.


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