2 new trainers at bb-net

Bb Net Instructor

As team leaders, Matthias Ress in Marketing and Pascal Roth in Customer Service are an integral part of bb-net. Apprenticeships are being created in both areas in the company to enable young people to start their careers. In addition, both team leaders successfully passed the instructor aptitude test last month.

As trainers, the marketing all-rounder and the IT specialist will in future have the task of preparing the trainees for the goals of the training, of imparting professional and work-pedagogical knowledge as well as professional skills.

Patrick Seidel started his training as an IT system electronics technician in customer service in September. It is expected that in September 2017 the marketing team will be expanded to include a trainee as a media designer for digital and print.

We are very happy about the new trainers and take this opportunity to congratulate Matthias and Pascal once again.