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The owner-managed company from Bavaria reduces the costs of your IT equipment with IT remarketing, secures a considerable part of your IT budget and protects against data breaches. All IT equipment such as Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, computer, Desktops, Workstations, Scout, Displays, printer, Smartphones, Telephone, Server & Hosting, Data center, Accessories are processed independently of the manufacturer. With the IT lifecycle solutions you reduce the impact on the environment: We market 99 percent of the returned devices, only around 1 percent are recycled responsibly.

What is IT remarketing?

Basically, computer remarketing or IT remarketing is a process in which used IT hardware is used boughtfurther processed, processed and resold becomes. The existing IT hardware, such as IT remarketing notebooks, is securely transported, data is deleted, cleaned and technically overhauled. In most cases, a new installation with a Windows operating system also takes place. In technical terms, this process is called “refurbishment”. This is a kind of hardware recycling, so to speak, which also protects the environment. So if you decide in favor of IT remarketing, you automatically act sustainably, resource-saving and extremely economically through the IT purchase and their residual values.

What are the benefits of IT remarketing?

By selling decommissioned IT, additional income can be achieved or new acquisitions can be partially refinanced. Besides, every company can do something good for them Environment do and the CSR strengthen. Lessor and System houses have already recognized the added value and refinance by handing over old devices to specialized companies. At the same time, the partner solves problems and relieves the burden on their own IT. Advice, unpacked collection at locations, logistics, inventory, testing and evaluation of the EDP are standard with the professionals. The difference is in the details. Check whether there are contracts, a license as a waste disposal company and, in the best case, whether your partner Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher is.

How does IT remarketing work for companies?

The cooperation with bb-net as an IT remarketing partner guarantees the professional handling of your hardware, the certified data deletion and data destruction and at the same time enables maximum income through preparation and further processing from a single source. IT refurbishers take the strain off the IT department and enable companies to act sustainably and achieve high residual values ​​by selling used IT. Because there is more in old devices than you think! Please read our whitepaper: IT remarketing for companies. How you as a company choose the right partner in order to be successful and sustainable.

Which used IT devices are suitable for IT remarketing?

All devices that are suitable for remarketing and are from well-known manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Dell and Fujitsu. In general, however, one can say that the IT purchase or selling hardware devices such as notebooks, smartphones, tablets, displays, workstations and servers as used hardware. All devices that are not suitable for remarketing must be certified for disposal by the processor; here too, individual components can be returned to the Remarketing .

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You sell your IT hardware. We give you all services free of charge. 

Free collection ✓
All hardware across Germany will be picked up from you at no cost and even unpacked. Everything is brought along.

Free data erasure ✓
With BSI approved blancco software, data deletion is GDPR compliant. All labels are also removed.

Free destruction ✓
Defective hard drives, tapes, tapes and media are shredded using certified shredders.

Free disposal ✓
Anything that does not make it into the second cycle is subject to proper disposal as a certified specialist company.

Immediate revenue payment ✓
After optical and technical tests, you will receive a transparent evaluation. The payment is made immediately.

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