bb-net is one of the best quality IT remarketing companies in Germany and Europe. We are Microsoft autorised refurbisher.

The processing used IT under the brand tecXL, in a striking orange box, is the German synonym when it comes to high-quality IT. 

“As an environmental and climate politician, I am impressed by the sustainable management of bb-net. By processing used IT, such as laptops, the company makes an important contribution to the careful use of our natural resources. "

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By ours History we offer you perfect and safe solutions for IT recovery with logistics and Data deletion on. We are the makers of tecXL, the synonym for processed IT - buy or rent These products.


Clear guidelines, a high level of know-how and perfect digital processes make us so successful. The factor sustainability is in the foreground, so we have been one since 2020 climate neutral company are.


The cooperation with bb-net as IT purchase Partner guarantees the professional handling with your hardware that certified deletion of all data and at the same time enables maximum yields through preparation and further processing from a single source.


Why IT remarketing for businesses?

The cooperation with bb-net as an IT lifecycle partner guarantees the professional handling of your hardware, the certified deletion of all data and at the same time enables maximum income through preparation and further processing from a single source. As is well known, the best comes at the end. bb-net is the first German processor to work completely climate neutral. Good for the environment and good for you. Every company is under pressure to develop further. The focus on digitization is bigger than ever. Decision-makers see the major investments here above all. IT refurbishers create partial relief and enable companies to act sustainably and to achieve high residual values ​​by selling used IT. Because there is more in old devices than you think! Please read our whitepaper: IT REMARKETING FOR COMPANIES - How you as a company choose the right partner in order to be successful and sustainable.

What added value does an IT refurbisher offer?

By selling decommissioned IT, additional income can be achieved or new acquisitions can be partially refinanced. Besides, every company can do something good for the environment with it. System houses and lessors have already recognized the added value and refinance by handing over old devices to specialized companies. At the same time, the partner solves problems and relieves the burden on their own IT. Advice, unpacked collection at locations, logistics, inventory, testing and evaluation of the EDP are standard with the professionals. The difference is in the details. Check whether there are contracts, a license as a waste management company and, ideally, whether your partner is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.
bb-net is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

bb-net is Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. Overall one of three companies in Germany and 59 worldwide.

bb-net is a blancco Silver ITAD partner

bb-net and blancco maintain an intensive partnership around the Data deletion. We are an excellent ITAD partner.

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